2020 Highlights of The Great Lakes Arts Fair

The most recent edition of The Great Lakes Arts Fair was held in 2020. Some of the highlights included the Mimosas & Bloody Mary’s, Grand Gallery entrance, artist’s demonstrations, Generation Next Art Displays, and the Marketplace Cafe.

Mimosas & Bloody Mary’s

In 2020, Mimosas & Bloody Mary’s made an entry into the Grand Gallery of The Great Lakes Arts Fair. The event received a warm welcome from the patrons who were more than happy to grab a drink and experience the tasteful art showcase alongside their family and friends.

Grand Gallery Entrance

In 2020, The Great Lakes Arts Fair teamed up with the Landscape Group to create an immensely delightful event experience. In the 2020’s edition of The Great Lakes Arts Fair, patrons entered through an exquisite Grand Garden Gallery that showcased an expansive seasonal display featuring selected works from various artists. The Grand Gallery entrance featured sculptures framed in towering rustic panels and florals and paintings that complemented the genuine village atmosphere of The Great Lakes Arts Fair.

Art Demonstrations

Not only did the patrons get the opportunity to buy original and beautiful artwork, but they also had the rare chance to learn about the art creation process. The 2020 edition of The Great Lakes Arts Fair featured dozens of artists’ demonstrations over the weekend in mediums such as ceramics, glass, jewelry, as well as other materials.

Generation Next Art Displays

In 2020, The Great Lakes Arts Fair continued its partnership with local school districts to showcase student art in the event. One of the goals of The Great Lakes Arts Fair is to recognize the talents of students and give them a platform to showcase their original work. The Great Lakes Arts Fair also helps students develop an appreciation and understanding for the fair community and art industry as business endeavors. Children attending the show also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun art activities.

Marketplace Cafe

Patrons had the opportunity to enjoy some of the most delightful fares that the Marketplace Cafe has to offer. The Marketplace cafe featured various tempting bistro-style delights that even the person with the highest form of restraint could not deny their palate. The cafe also featured artisan cocktails and wines. The Marketplace Cafe is at the heart of the event’s show floor, and embodies the feel and look of a cozy street cafe.

The event also featured over one hundred and fifty of the region’s most talented craftspeople and artists in a single indoor location that is accessible and climate-controlled. Attendees of The Great Lakes Arts Fair browsed and shopped paintings, jewelry, woodworking, glass, metal, photography, apparel and textiles, ceramics, sculptures, as well as some selected specialty items. Patrons also had the opportunity to experience live demonstrations. The event offered an unofficial start to the warm weather Art Fair season and a great chance to witness new artwork before making its way to the streets across the region’s art fairs. The Great Lakes Arts Fair’s Facebook page also featured some artists.

Casual shoppers and connoisseurs alike enjoyed strolling through the booths showcasing handcrafted items by some of Michigan’s finest artists. Some of the artworks included painting stretched over canvases, photographs displaying Michigan’s colorful landscape, beadwork embroidered onto a fabric, and metal sculptures that have been subjected to heat to achieve new shapes and colors. The pieces were quite unique and delighted attendees of the event. The great thing about purchasing artworks at The Great Lakes Arts Fair is that you not only buy something of great value and beauty but you also get the opportunity to support local artists and the local community in the process.