Objectives of The Great Lakes Arts Fair

One of the objectives of The Great Lakes Arts Fair is to educate patrons and attendees of the event on what good art entails. People who decide to purchase items at the event get gallery-quality items at a lower price. In addition, they get the opportunity to engage and have a conversation with the artist.

One of the artists featured in the event was Southfield’s Jamie Hillard, whose photographs of Michigan scenery and landmarks appeared in one of the booths of The Great Lakes Arts Fair. Another artist featured in the event is Dennis Dodson. Dodson creates contemporary paintings using canvas and acrylics. He refers to his paintings as visual music since they are non-representational. When you first experience Dodson’s work, you either love it or you don’t. Most of the artisans featured in the event love their work and have produced a variety of items. They get to do something with them and try to share them with the community.

Artists at The Great Lakes Arts Fair are more than focused on making a sale. They are eager to engage attendees of the event and are delightful to talk to when you step into their booth. One of the main characteristics of the artwork is that they are quite unique and will draw your attention from miles away. Others remind you of something familiar and you might recognize scenes in some of the paintings or photographs. It is not uncommon to hear attendees of The Great Lakes Arts Fair saying that some of the displays reminded them of their childhood days.

In a way, The Great Lakes Arts Fair provides a platform for patrons to buy things that they otherwise could not find in another store. Since The Great Lakes Arts Fair is a professionally judged event, most of the artists participating in the event are professionals. As one artist put it, The Great Lakes Arts Fair is not a garage sale, it is one of the most elegant marketplaces for artwork. Since the artists involved are professionals and have a passion for their work (many of them work in the long term care industry), they create some of the best and unique masterpieces you have ever seen.

Regardless of whether you are an art enthusiast or novice, attending The Great Lakes Arts Fair is one of the most delightful ways to spend your time in Michigan. You get the opportunity to experience beauty in its most creative form. This is a great event to attend if you are looking for an activity to do with family and friends There is really a little bit of everything for everyone at The Great Lakes Arts Fair. There are lots of fun art activities for kids and tasteful artwork for connoisseurs. It is also an ideal place to go on a first date with your significant other, more so if you both enjoy art. The Marketplace Cafe offers the perfect place to relax over some glasses of wine or cocktails. You will also get the opportunity to learn a great deal about art including the art creation process, as well as what good art entails. Most of the items may delight you, and you might even end up purchasing that perfect artwork that has been missing in your home. The friendliness and openness to a conversation of the artist at The Great Lakes Arts Fair make it a delight to attend the event. So if you are looking for one of the best activities to do around Michigan, attending The Great Lakes Arts Fair is something you should consider.